Verbessere deine Noten mit uns!
Verbessere deine Notenmit uns!

What is your tutoring philosophy?


Our main goal for your student will always be to establish a framework that gets them on their way to learn effectively on their own. We spend time working with your child to understand the root of the problem be it behavioral, lack of confidence or perhaps a learning impediment that needs to be overcome. Once we identify this barrier we then work with them to develop constructive techniques that helps them to become productive in the classroom. They will then have new skills to successfully pass their tests and exams.

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How should I recognize that my child needs tutoring help?


It’s important that you recognize the signs early on that your child is having difficulty navigating his schoolwork. While bad grades are an obvious sign, there are others than are visible even before the ultimate marker of declining performance on tests rears its ugly head. For example, is your child reluctant to attend classes? Does he appear to be depressed or have lost the joy of learning? All are early indicators that your child may need additional help in maintaining an acceptable level of performance in school.


What subjects do you cover?


We cover all of the subjects in the German curriculums and even more. We would love to meet with you to discuss our additional possibilities.


Can we have a trial session?


Yes of course. We do provide a trial session and it is independent of a signed contract. That way you can rest assured that we are the tutors who can meet the needs of your child.


What’s the optimum frequency of sessions per week?


This varies and is dependent on the needs of your student. All our tutoring programs are customized to match the specific needs of the learner. With every child, we have an assessment meeting that we use to establish a tutoring program moving forward for them. It is in this session where we establish exactly how many sessions are required per week. As we spend more time with your child the required number of sessions can be adjusted later as their performance improves.


Where does the tutoring sessions happen?


We have many possibilities here. As a standard practice, we normally meet with your child in your home. This allows you maximum flexibility is scheduling your child’s time. But more importantly it enables him to learn in a more comfortable environment that will further aid in improving his learning habits. However, we also provide you with an option to have your child’s tutoring session in one of our office locations.


Who are your teachers?


We have a versatile group of teachers from a wide variety of academic backgrounds. Because students have different needs it’s important for us to utilize teachers with applicable skills. For example, we have some teachers who are recent graduates of university. They are well versed in the latest techniques and relate well to students with advanced needs. We also have teachers with many years of experienced who are especially qualified to work with university students and grownups who have more specialized needs.


Do you give homework and why?


Absolutely!! Our homework is not excessive but it’s important for us to establish discipline for your child and for them to learn skills around self-learning and completing assigned tasks. We will work them to understand these assigned tasks and to develop confidence in doing and completing their homework. We will work with them to understand how to work more effectively on their homework which ultimately will mean less effort and better results.


Do you have teachers who can help my child in our native language? If so in what languages?


Absolutely!! We recognize that your child’s difficulty in school may be based on difficulties with mastering a new language. While German remains our major focus, of course, we have several well qualified teachers in a variety of languages including, English, Spanish, French, Russian, Ukrainian, Turkish and Arabic, should this need be a requirement.


Do you have any special programs for adult learners like business or medical English or German as a foreign language?


Yes, we do. We have a deep portfolio of adult learning classes, which can be offered in individual or group settings. Because we have such a diverse group of disciplines for adult learners its best to meet with us to discuss your needs. Help is usually just a phone call away.


I have a young child who will be starting school soon. Do you have any special programs to prepare them for beginning their school career?


Yes, we do. We have significant experience with working with pre-school students and many of our teachers have careers and skills that focus on pre-school students. We have individual as well as group possibilities for your young learner.


What are the specifics of your contract?


We have a standard tutoring contract that’s widely accepted in the industry. What sets us apart from our competitors is that after 3 months it shifts to a month to month requirement. We are confident that your child will have significant improvement after 3 months and that’s why we have this unique feature in our contract. This provides you with more flexibility with how much you spend and when.

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